Interracial Couples Counseling

Interracial Couples Counseling and Therapy

My focus is working with interracial and interfaith couples, who not only have personal differences to navigate, but cultural and societal ones as well.

Culture, ethnicity, religion, and race colors the way you raise children, your beliefs about gender roles, your views on sex outside the marriage or partnership, your relationship to extended family, and much more.

My style is direct, relational and warm. We will explore what’s going on in your relationship from the micro (personal) level to the macro (cultural/societal) level. We will also explore how you’ve co-created the current dynamic in your relationship and how you can better communicate effectively and resolve conflicts fairly.

Ways I Can Help
  • Building trust and communication

  • Working out financial issues

  • Recovering from infidelity, affairs, and secrecy issues

  • Navigating differences in desire

  • Negotiating different parenting styles

  • Overcoming racial, ethnic, or religious differences

  • Pre-marital counseling

  • Helping with separation issues