Help with Bad Habits

 Help with Bad Habits, Repetitive Behaviors, Addictions

Help with bad habits, repetitive behaviors, addictions around food, sex, spending, and/or other destructive and disruptive behaviors.

Wonder why you’re eating all the time, even though you want to lose weight? Or do you promise yourself you’ll stop your “retail therapy,” but can’t seem to follow through?

Surprising as it may sound, compulsive behaviors start out to serve your best interests. You developed your compulsion as a coping mechanism, albeit a maladaptive one, to manage emotional distress. You may find now that your behavior is not serving you in the way it used to and/or that it’s causing more harm than good. Bottom line – your compulsions are a response to anxiety that may now be compounding the problem.

There is relief and you can learn to do things differently. Together we will explore the reasons you developed your behaviors, alternate ways to manage distress, and cultivate awareness so that you have more freedom and choice in your life.