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Interracial Couples Therapy

Need Help Figuring Yourselves Out?

Do you love each other, but it's like you're speaking two different languages?


Interracial and interfaith couples not only have personal differences to navigate, but cultural and societal ones as well.


Culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and race color the way you raise children, your beliefs about gender roles, your views on sex outside the marriage or partnership, your relationship to extended family, how you spend or save money, and much more.


Together, will explore what’s going on in your relationship from the micro (personal) level to the macro (cultural/societal) level. We will also explore how you’ve co-created the current dynamic in your relationship and how you can better communicate effectively and resolve conflicts fairly.

I see couples weekly. While 50-minute sessions often suffice, we may want to do longer ones, if needed. This is a decision that we will make together.

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